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2018 Southwest Virginia Bull Test Program

2017 Culpeper Senior Bull Test Program

2012 - 13 Central Bull Test Summary

2012 Culpeper Senior Bull Test Sale Report (pdf)

2013 Southwest Performance Bull Test Sale Report (pdf)S


Jumping Through The Hoops: What it Takes to Make a BCIA Performance Tested Bull - I am sure that many of you out there have been reading the articles about the BCIA Central Bull Test Program and are wondering what makes these bulls so special. What exactly does it take for a bull to complete a performance test with BCIA and how do they make the sale? Will these bulls fit into my commercial program? This article takes a look at the requirements and the program and you will see that these bulls have gone through strict criteria just to sell at a BCIA Performance Tested Sale.

BCIA Enhanced Bull Buying Program

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